Monday, June 30, 2008

What is New Orleans like Post-K?

I love that he "can't" answer the questions... but the answer he gives is that much better.

So how do I feel about New Orleans post-K?
It was a gift from heaven.
A gift of truth.
A vision of community so vested in each other that material things mattered noticeably less, & there was that glint in the eyes of complete strangers that told you they were strangers no more.

Life goes on.
New Orleans goes on.
It lives and breathes like a leviathan in the swamp.
Old worldly, decidedly unsober, mannered in it’s own lingo, beautiful, decrepit and wildly free.
I strongly suggest a visit after you get settled in. Let’s meet for coffee, an afternoon snack, an evening cocktail and some late night drinking.
All in a row.
Bring back up, a bible, an airplane bag or whatever puts you at ease.
Let me be one of the many who will graciously introduce you to the most Beautiful Drunken Whore of a City that ever Saved Your Soul.

Just be prepared.
To fall in love with her, that is.
Your gonna be one of us now.
Welcome home, darlin.
We been waiting…

Lord David
Pirate & Artist
Skull Club
New Orleans


the Albino Bowler said...

What a coincidence. I justed posted an article called "A Storm's a' Comin'" about life in New Orleans in August. I hit "Next" to take a break and read someone else's blog, and yours came up. Nicely done. And I see that you are a fan of juicy stormy weather.
OK, back to work...

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