Sunday, January 20, 2008

We're here

Travel went smoothly yesterday. We went through LAX and the sunshine tempted people in the group to go outside, but no one wanted to have to deal with getting through security again. Sixteen people is a large group. We are 75% female - just 4 guys in the group. I have a really great feeling about this group - which is fantastic with this many people.

We did have one little mishap in taking the shuttle from the airport to HONO. We accidentally went to their corporate offices, and not where we actually wanted to be. Oooops. Our driver made one helluva tip. We did take him to the opposite side of town.

Last night our group wandered through the French Quarter. There was a Mardi Gras parade going on, which I managed to miss altogether. We stopped at the Absinthe Bar on Bourbon, ate at the Gumbo Shop, and went back to the Absinthe Bar. Some other folks went to Pat O'Brien's (and I'm sure several other places.) True Madri Gras spirit was happening - beads were flying and the masses were walking Bourbon with their tall fruity drinks - grenades and hurricanes. I stuck to some Abita brew.

Food at the Gumbo Shop was excellent. I have some great little video clips I will try to upload later today. Right now we're going to try to find a good spot for breakfast!

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