Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Being all touristy 'n' stuff

Monday night we decided to experience some true New Orleans culture. We started with a restaurant I was very excited to try, mostly because it was something new. It was Coop's.


Amazing food. When I came down here in 2000 and again in January of this year, I ate at the Gumbo Shop. Decent food and all, but it always felt on the verge of being touristy. The staffers at Katrina Corps recommended Coop's. Good call. I had some Abita Purple Haze (tastes just like Ruby's!) and the Coop's Taste Plate.


The taste plate was a prime example of what I am suckered into easily. Seasonals and "samplers." You name it. Beer, wine, cheese, southern food, chocolate. If I can order one thing and it brings me the "best of the best" or "what I really should try" - then I'll order it. In this case, it was a good choice. I love the dinner. Granted, I couldn't quite finish it and gave it to a fellow volunteer that didn't order quite enough. All's well that ends well.

After eating a lot of food, we decided to explore the French Quarter and ended up at the classic, Cafe Du Monde.


I have had beignets and cafe au laits before, so I just had one to make my mark.


Following our attempt at looking like crack addicts...


we took a quick glimpse of Jackson Square from the lookout.


And had some fun group shots as well...



And we hit Bourbon Street, because - that's what your do...



On a side note, Bourbon Street is pretty much the definition of why I avoid 1st in Belltown and Pioneer Square. Especially on a weekend. On a MONDAY night, Bourbon Street wreaks of these similarities. For those who want it, New Orleans has a killer "night life." For those who don't, there are still some killer dive bars, but you have to go OFF the beaten path. You can still find pool tables, cheap (strong) drinks and jukeboxes. You just have to get off Bourbon Street.

A few quick pictures of note:


This was inside of Coop's. Along with a lot of other signs. But this was an interesting one.


For those who dont live in Texas or Nevada - the specifics of "open container laws." This is posted to encourage you to ask for a "to go" cup. This is a novelty to we "Washington-State-liquor-laws-are-some-of-the-strictest-in-the-nation folks.


Many of the t-shirts have political slants. This one sums a lot of my gut reactions up.

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