Thursday, August 16, 2007


Painting continued at John Dibert. Jessica, Chris and I decided to take on one of the first floor rooms. It had been started by another group - although not quite to our... umm... desired level of precision. It made for some work to be doubled over, but you can't blame them for trying. Still, maybe not the best task for the impatient.


Since we had already figured out the little mp3 player trick, we listened to a much better variety of music on my shuffle. I made a playlist that crossed a lot of different genres - trying to play a mixture of stuff people listen to and stuff I think people should listen to. Haha.

It was more blue and more trim.


We had a half day today. Towards the end, the principal came out and talked to us for awhile about the state of the school. He got very emotional, talking about the PTSD he sees in the kids. They're working on getting art therapists into the school to work with the kids. People need to let their emotions process and release. So many of the kids don't see past their current state. They're not seeing that school is their ticket out of the poverty cycle - out of the current state of stress. They're distracted and belligerent because they aren't necessarily dealing with it.

He said that while everyone thought last year would be the worst year, with 300 kids signing up daily, this year may be worse. He doesn't want to turn anyone away.

He showed tremendous appreciation of our efforts, but said that what New Orleans really needs now is awareness that it hasn't folded up into nothing. It s still a vibrant city full of character and culture. Come down to play, if you don't want to make the commitment to work. Come down to tour and eat and drink!


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