Friday, August 17, 2007

Livin' it up, NOLA style... Who dat?

After coming to St. Vincent's and resting for a little bit, we began our evening with a couple rounds at the half moon, and then headed down to the French Quarter to Preservation Hall.


The show started at 8:00, so Ray and a few others saved us a spot. We killed a little time at Boondock Saint before heading into the packed music hall.



My favorite song in the set we heard was St James Infirmary. Such a great song.

After a set (and a lot of sweat in that small space) - we headed to Utopia on Bourbon Street. A lot of dancing ensued.




We all had a lot of fun. I did end up talking to one random guy who didn't believe in rebuilding - specifically the 9th Ward. I've heard some people say this because they think future flooding is inevitable. I prodded further, and he thought that it should be rebuilt new, as a "nicer" neighborhood. Basically, he wants to push the poor out. I got pissed at him.

I mentioned earlier that there is all these projects that aren't open. I snapped a shot of them today. Hundreds of them - just sitting there.


They look like they'd be relatively easy to fix up and they would provide a lot of housing. But - at least under the way things are currently run - this won't happen. Lame.

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