Wednesday, August 15, 2007


If you haven't noticed yet, I love food. I've been attempting to capture good moments in food this trip.

Last night, we ate at Juan's Flying Burrito in Uptown. I had some Abita Wheat and the Shrimp Juaha Roll: sautéed gulf shrimp, avocado, leaf spinach, salsa, jack, cheddar and cream cheeses all rolled in a spinach tortilla sliced and served sushi-style. Some may have found it average, but it combined some of my favorite things - avocado, spinach and cheese. It was a nice portion and it paired well with the beer.


Not the best picture, but it was tasty.

Afterwards, we went back to the Half Moon and played some pool. Jessica and I beat Ahsan and Chris at pool. Some of the Katrina Corps folks met up, including KC the dog. (KC=Katrina Corps).




I also haven't said much about Mojo's - my daily addiction. Mojo's is a sweet little neighborhood cafe, with a surprisingly broad menu of coffee and tea drinks. They're cash only and serve fair-trade brew. The first morning I had an English Breakfast iced tea, and the last two mornings I've had large iced Yerba Mate. Yummy. It totally gives me the best start to my day. And you gotta love their tip jar:


I'll be totally honest - as grateful as I am for the lunches we are given daily - I have certain "healthy eating habits" that I try to stick to. One of the things I avoid is high-fructose-corn-syrup. I'm sure it's in things I eat and I don't know it all the time - but my commitment is to avoid it if I know it is in the food I eat.

I don't care if other people eat it, but I think it is bad. Here are a few articles to ponder:

The list could go on and on. Anyway - in trying to live up to my commitment, I ended up having a slice of American cheese and a few slices of processed ham dipped in mayo and mustard (I normally wouldn't eat foods quite this heavily processed either, but when you're hungry, you're hungry)

I digress. My point is that I've been very excited about dinner every night!

Tonight we ventured into Uptown - on Magazine. We ate at the Nile Cafe. (Unfortunately, they do not have a website) Barclay and Jessica both had shrimp kabobs - excellent presentation.


Two baskets of pita came out right away, served warm. We ordered hummus and baba ganoush - both were some of the best I've ever had. We also had falafel and fried eggplant. For my entree, I had Kibby - which reminded me a lot of a meat stuffed falafel.


Seriously - I wasn't expecting to be this impresses with Mediterranean food in New Orleans. But it was damn good!

After that we went to the Balcony Bar.


I discovered that Abita has a light beer! The bar had a very cool vibe to it. It was a solid two floors - with three distinct spaces. The bottom had pool tables and loud music. Upstairs was air-conditioned and started our sparse, but by the time we left was hopping. Then there was a huge wrap-around deck. A few of us agreed that a deck like that would be awesome in Seattle - although might not get used year-round.


(A little blurry, but I like this picture)

Finally, a little bathroom graffiti:


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