Friday, August 17, 2007


Friday was our last day of volunteering. Thanks to a late night out, several of us were really tired, but we managed to finish up some of the trim work we were working on. And we were thankful on again for music.

Rachel had to leave early - but here's the Seattle Works group with the addition of long-term volunteer, Patrick, at the end of our day:


Lest you forget where we're at:


Thanks to Ahsan's desire to experience some culinary excellence, we had dinner last night at Herbsaint. It is recognized on many lists as one of the top 50 restaurants in the nation.

Here is the menu for the night:


All around, the experience was excellent. I started with some sparkling water:


Then for an appetizer, I had my first experience with frog legs. I love trying new things, but I'm not sure frog legs are for me. They were fried with lots of excellent spice - and were reminiscent of chicken wings - it also made me think of a tougher fish.


For my main course, I had the pork belly with a corn risotto and finely sliced pickled peppers. The pork belly was extremely tender. There were bites that melted in my mouth like butter.


For dessert, I had a glass of a 20-year port and a Chocolate Pistachio terrine with a cherry reduction. It was delightful.


After dinner, we headed to a volunteer party. It was put on at this really cool wine bar in a more industrial part of the city. We went through the building itself into a huge backyard, lined with tiki torches and little white lights.


The music was amazing. The experience felt a little bit underground, and very authentic.





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